Double Camellia Mix Balsam


Double Camellia Mix Balsam

Impatiens balsamina
Balsam reigned supreme during the Victorian era when it was called Lady Slippers. Vick’s in 1895 averred “no plant will give more in return for the care bestowed upon it and none is more frequently neglected,” recommending spacing at least 1' apart, aiming for a wide diameter at the base and a pyramid shape covered with flowers. A different school suggests pinching off the side branches and the first flowers to encourage a profusion of blooms near the top of the plant and give the effect of a ready-made bouquet. Both agree that wide spacing is important to make the most of Balsam’s novel show of abundant pink, rose and white rosettes along the axils up its stems. Direct seed after danger of frost. Don’t cover the seed. 2'. Annual. ~120 seeds/g.

4883 Double Camellia Mix Balsam
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