Concador Yellow Filet Bush Haricots Vert


Concador Yellow Filet Bush Haricots Vert

(62 days) Open-pollinated. Uniform 4½–5" yellow pods stay slender for a long time on the vine and will keep producing copiously if tended. With medium-sized upright plants larger than Masai, Concador is the yellow-bean lover’s answer to Masai. Pick your own pot of gold for multiple colors in this fast-growing niche. White seed. Resistant to CBMV, ANTH and HB. ~250 seeds/oz.

251 Concador Yellow Filet
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Additional Information

Bush Haricots Verts

Half oz packet sows 10-16 ft; 1 lb, 320-500 ft. Seeds are smaller than those of regular beans; Avg 70-125 seeds/half oz packet. Haricot vert is French for green bean. This type has fancier quality than American beans and commands a premium in markets. For optimal flavor and texture, pick when pods are still stringless and thinner than a pencil. Picking interval should be 48 hours or less.


Phaseolus vulgaris 2 oz packet sows 25 ft; 1 lb, 200 ft. Avg 180 seeds/2 oz packet.

Culture: Legumes have moderate fertility needs. Excessive nitrogen may induce some varieties to develop vines in moist hot weather. Tender, will not survive frost. Plant 3–4 seeds/ft in rows 24–30" apart. Pick frequently for maximum yields, but avoid disturbing foliage in wet weather to prevent spread of fungal diseases. White-seeded beans usually don’t germinate as well as dark-seeded. Minimum germination soil temperature 60°. Optimal range 60–80°.


  • ANTH: Anthracnose
  • BBS: Bacterial Brown Spot
  • CBMV: Common Bean Mosaic Virus
  • CTV: Curly Top Virus
  • DM: Downy Mildew
  • HB: Halo Blight
  • NY 15: NY 15 Mosaic Virus
  • PM: Powdery Mildew
  • PMV: Pod Mottle Virus
  • R: Rust
  • SC: Sclerotina

Wider spacing reduces likelihood of SC (white mold). Don’t disturb wet foliage.