Ballerina Mix Datura - Organic


Ballerina Mix Datura - Organic

Datura metel
(95 days) Perennial in Zone 8-10. This summer my friend called at short notice to come enjoy her night-blooming cereus, whose bloom would solely last the night. So I hustled over and inhaled an exquisite fragrance not soon to be forgotten—or repeated. But imagine that kind of vesperal scent delivered each and every night. Enter Ballerina Mix: with upward-facing 6–8" petals in combinations of purple and white or cream with white that unfurl at dusk to exude a lily-like fragrance. Brava! Growing 3–4' in the garden, they thrive in summer heat and attract moth pollinators at night. When planted in containers they grow to a more manageable 2–3' and can be moved to where their fragrance will be most enjoyed at night. Caution: All parts of these plants are poisonous so use caution around children and pets. And hummingbirds have been known to OD if datura is their sole source of nectar.

5051 Ballerina Mix Datura - Organic
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