Valley Oak Wheel Hoe

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe
Built to last and to stand up to years of heavy use. Rugged steel wheel. Tempered steel blade cuts off weeds ½" to 2" below the ground, on both the push and pull stroke. Weed up close to your rows. As the manufacturer says, work with “no toxic fumes, and you can hear the birds while you hoe.” Available in 5" or 8" cutting width—5" great for narrow spaces, a favorite of onion growers; 8" works between rows.

Valley Oak wheel hoes are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer; price includes shipping. Made in the USA.

9240 Valley Oak Wheel Hoe
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A: drop ship - 5" blade $375.00 ($337.50)
B: drop ship - 8" blade $375.00 ($337.50)
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Valley Oak Wheel Hoe

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