The Whole Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration


The Whole Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration

by Chris Smith, 258 pages 7x10, softcover. Seed sales trends come in waves. For example, last year caraway and luffa seeds flew off our shelves. And there was a time when we sold upwards of 40 pounds of okra seed in a year, no small feat for a small seed company that specializes in crops suitable to cold conditions. I predict this book will revive okra sales. Heck, even the gardening-challenged will want to plant okra; the author is that persuasive in his love for the pod. And not just the pod, but the leaf, seed, stem, ower, fiber and slime. Yes, he embraces the slime as a cosmetic and for making marshmallows. Need a compostable straw? Okra stem. Need a holiday ornament? Dried pods. Seeds alone can make tempeh, oil, “coffee” or flour. And we haven’t yet gotten to the pods, which are highlighted with a great variety of traditional and innovative recipes, complete with mouthwatering photographs and engaging informative stories. The final section describes how best to grow a crop for yourself. Smith’s diverse display of 60 varieties doesn’t even include Cajun Jewel—there’s a whole world of okra out there to explore. This book is your invitation. -Nikos Kavanya

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