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Reproductive Healthcare

Calcium Gluconate 23%
Calcium Gluconate 23%clearance
8521 Fast-acting remedy for hypocalcemia associated with milk fever. Administer 250-500 mL subcutaneously (for mild cases) or intravenously (for severe... read more
Dextrose 50%
Dextrose 50%clearance
8518 Fast-acting source of energy for cows with acute ketosis. Administer 500 cc intravenously. MOFGA read more
Dr. Paul’s Nature’s Cycle H
Dr. Paul’s Nature’s Cycle Hclearance
8533 For animals not cycling or with silent heats, try this tincture combining red clover (contains phytoestrogens) with other herbs traditionally used... read more
8566 An oral drench to support optimum health and performance in freshening cows. Provides a quick dose of bioavailable calcium and magnesium, with... read more