Nesting Block for Bees

Nesting Block for Bees

Houses for helpful bees! Designed for our native mason and leaf-cutting bees, important pollinators of blueberry barrens, orchards and cucurbits.

These solitary bees lay their eggs in any available tunnels, and populations are limited by the number of available sites. To help increase your local populations, set the blocks out on stakes or on tree trunks along the edges of fields and orchards by late April, as most of these bees begin looking for nesting sites in May.

These blocks should only be used for one season. They are difficult to clean, so old blocks may harbor disease and predatory insects that will harm instead of helping your bees!

Made in Maine after a design from the Cooperative Extension Service, each block contains 14 nesting sites. For more info request fact sheet #301 from U Maine Cooperative Extension.

8962 Nesting Block for Bees
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