Maine Alphabet


Maine Alphabet

by Dahlov Ipcar, 24 pages, 6x6, board book. When Sami was three, he called this his “loony book,” for the beautiful cover picture of a singing loon. He loved the book “because it has lots of fishes and yobsters and whales and things…” Ipcar has managed to fit the diversity of life, between the woods and the ocean, the mountains and the rivers of her beloved Maine into an illustrated children’s alphabet that rhymes. “K is for kitchen, what’s in the pot? L is for lobster, served up hot!” The yellow raincoats, the cookstove, the cat, the old wooden lobster traps are all painted in Ipcar’s unmistakable style. As with most of her children’s books, Dahlov Ipcar has captured the very essence of living in Maine, this time from A to Z. A small board book for small hands -Aktan Askin

Dahlov Ipcar passed away on February 10, 2017 at the age of 99.

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