Look at the Sky…and tell the weather


Look at the Sky…and tell the weather

by Eric Sloane, 89 pages, 8½x11, softcover. A self-described weather junkie, I’ve tried to read meteorologies for the layperson and absorbed little. Sloane’s approach is different; he’s in love with the air, sky and clouds and he made me realize that’s why I follow weather obsessively. Structured around a cP (that’s continental, dry, Polar, cold) air mass that formed in northern Canada, swept across the U.S. and exited the continent through Maine. Each chapter is set in a location along the way with anecdotes about the people affected by the cold cleansing front. Sloane, best known as a painter, explains a lot of basic meteorology with his calm, precise and lovely line drawings illustrating what the air mass did in each place. He is also a plain writer of yarns and tales, some funny, some poignant, all engaging, which reinforce his explanations of how to read the sky and the clouds. His accounts of Alaskan bush pilots, Nebraska snow barrels, geese, and covered bridges enchanted me. CR called it “a total delight.” I concur. -Susan Kiralis

9657 Look at the Sky…and tell the weather
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