GMO Myths and Truths: Condensed and Updated


GMO Myths and Truths: Condensed and Updated

by Claire Robinson, Michael Antoniou and John Fagan, 132 pages, 6x9, softcover. These be DARK times for GE labeling. The so-called DARK Act has preempted state and county labeling laws passed in Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Hawaii and other jurisdictions. Prospects never looked dimmer. Yet, the darkest hour is just before dawn. So you found the 507-page Druker tome (Altered Genes, Twisted Truth) daunting? Here, then, is a brief compendium of myths and truths about GE crops. As a guide to anyone perplexed about the charges and counter-charges in this heated debate, or as a summary for organizers still battling for transparent GE-labeling and regulation, this little handbook has everything you need. -CR Lawn

9597 GMO Myths and Truths: Condensed and Updated
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