Dr. Higa’s Original™ EM-1 Microbial Inoculant Past Date Retail


Dr. Higa’s Original™ EM-1 Microbial Inoculant Past Date Retail

You learn something new every day. Today we learned that retailers shouldn’t order their microbial inoculants in April, after the spring rush, or they wind up the following winter holding fourteen cases of product with an unappealing expiration date. The good news is, microbial products don’t just all of a sudden “go bad” or die — they lose potency slowly and gradually, especially when properly stored (as, of course, ours is). Selling “expired” EM-1 at full price would offend our conscience, but we think it’s a wicked bargain at 30% off of its retail price. Microbes love thrift, too.

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8186 Dr. Higa’s Original™ EM-1 Microbial Inoculant Past Date Retail
Item Discounted
A: qt $29.50
  OMRI Certificate
B: gal $99.50
  OMRI Certificate

Additional Information

Organic Certification

Inoculants, soil amendments, fertilizers, livestock supplies and pesticides are labeled as:
OMRI: Organic Materials Review Institute. Most state certifying agencies, including MOFGA, accept OMRI approval.
MOFGA: Reviewed and approved by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Certification Services. Allowed for use on MOFGA-certified farms. Check with your certifier.
WSDA: Listed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Certification division for use in organic agriculture in Washington State. MOFGA has indicated that they will accept products on this list for their certification program. Check with your certifier.
Nat’l List: One-ingredient products on the NOP* List of Allowed Substances (subpart G of the Organic Foods Production Act, sections 205.601-606). Check with your certifier.
AYC: Ask your certifier. Has not been reviewed by a certifier, but the active ingredient is allowed. Ask your certifier.
Not Allowed: A few of the products we list are not allowed for organic production but we think they have a place in sensible agriculture and can be used when certification is not an issue.