Difficult Sheep & Friends


Difficult Sheep & Friends

by Sarah Rosedahl, 26 images to color, 8x10, softcover. Like gardening, coloring has gained popularity as a way to relax while creating something beautiful. It’s perfectly okay to let your kids see the critters in these “adult coloring books,” but younger children may find the level of detail tedious, while teens and adults will enjoy the challenge. Sheep features our ovine friends and other fuzzy creatures, like rabbits, sheepdogs and, much to my delight, the adorable muskox. (In my next life, I’m moving to the tundra to be a muskoxherdress.) Some animals are drawn with fur or wool, while others are decorated with floral or paisley patterns. The breed representations are stylized and not perfectly accurate, but that’s not the point; it’s a coloring book, not a guide to livestock breeds. When life becomes too difficult, color some Difficult Sheep instead. -Alice Coyle

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