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4 and 5 Gallon Bucketsout-of-stock, Not Available for 2017
9243 You just can’t have too many plastic buckets. You know what to do with these. The four-gallon buckets are square, the five-gallon buckets are... read more
Barrelswarehouse walk-in sales only
9246 Tough, multi-purpose, lightly used barrels. Fourteen-gallon barrels are in blue plastic and most have no lid. 55 gallon food-grade barrels smell... read more
Tomato Stakes
Tomato Stakesout-of-stock, walk-in only starting in spring
8796 Hardwood tomato stakes, 1"x1"x6', bundle of 25. Locally harvested and milled hardwood either ash or oak. Walk-in sales only. read more


1/2 Bushel Wooden Apple Box
1/2 Bushel Wooden Apple Boxout-of-stock, Clearance
9232 This classic half-height apple box holds about a half bushel of your beautiful produce. Great for market displays, and for transporting delicate... read more
Waxed Produce Boxes

Leafy Greens box, bundle of 20: 1-1/9 bushel capacity. 19½x12⅞x11¾".
Produce box, bundle of 15: ½ bushel capacity. 12⅞x9¼x9".

... read more