Yellow Moon Dutch Shallots


Yellow Moon Dutch Shallots

Also called Multiplier Onions, these beefy yellow bulbs feature the unique flavor of the shallot sisterhood. Skip the trouble of months of seedling tending for these Dutch-grown shallot sets. With unsurpassed flavor, these pups can grow as big as small onions. High-end restaurants feature shallots from apps to desserts, and home gardeners love this allium that stores through to the next July.

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7410 Yellow Moon Dutch Shallots
B: (2#) $15.00
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C: (10#) $60.00
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Additional Information

Shallot Sets

Allium cepa Shallots are day-length sensitive—to produce large bulbs, plant in spring as soon as soil is workable. Shallow rooted, they require rich weed-free soil and consistent water. Try our Tears of Joy Onion Kit to increase your odds of success.

Plant shallots 4" apart in rows 1' apart. During the season, pull any plants that begin to bolt and use them as scallions.

It’s a good idea to sidedress once or twice a season, especially close to solstice.

Clean and grade before storage.

Ideal storage conditions are temperatures at 32° with humidity of 60–70%. If you can’t do that, work to get a total number of 100. For example, at temperatures from 50–55°, humidity should be 45–50%.

Approx. 15 shallot bulbs per pound.