Bonita Sweet Potato conventional

tan skin, white flesh Available for shipment in early March only. Ipomoea batatas

Bonita has a reputation as the sweetest of the sweets. Matures early enough for northern growers to get decent harvests of large top-quality tubers.

Bred by the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station to provide growers with a variety similar to O’Henry, but with soil rot resistance, superior storage root shape, and a higher dry matter content. Makes the best sweet potato fries!

Follow our cultivation instructions and you’ll end up with 6-12 plants from each tuber. Shipped in early March, or as soon as weather permits. Conventional only.

Bulk prices (net, no additional discounts), apply to orders over 1000 lbs. Download bulk price list

7999 Bonita Sweet Potato conventional
B: 2# for $16.75
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C: 10# for $50.00
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D: 25# for $113.00 ($107.35)
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