bright yellow skin, light yellow flesh The Devil may wear Prada, but the savvy grower plants it. These devastatingly elegant tubers are long with silky-smooth skin. Firm texture holds up well to boiling; makes a luxurious “dressed for success” potato salad, but high enough in dry matter to fry up well, too. Almost as early as Envol and quite high-yielding. Resists bruising, scab, blight and nematodes and tolerates drought well.

The Italian luxury fashion house was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan. Mario Prada chauvinistically blocked his female family members from having any involvement in the company during his lifetime. In a fine episode of karmic justice, his son wanted nothing to do with the business, so Mario was succeeded by his daughter Luisa and then his granddaughter Miuccia. All humans can have success with this potato, regardless of gender! This potato was released in 2017 by the Solana Group, based in Germany. Limited supply—order early! PVP pending.

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7697 Prada
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Seed Potatoes

Solanum tuberosum
Early potatoes mature in 65-80 days.
Midseason potatoes mature in 80-90 days
Late potatoes mature in more than 90 days