Wintersun Paperwhite


Wintersun Paperwhite

Narcissus tazetta The most recently introduced of the paperwhites—not all of which are white. Small sunny yellow cups framed by overlapping bright white petals. Cups turn to cream as the bloom matures. Fragrance is lighter and less musky than Ziva.

14–18" tall. 15-16 cm.

6925 Wintersun
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Tall slender stems bear masses of fragrant delicate flowers. Must be grown indoors in Zones 1–6. ‘Ziva’, the muskiest paperwhite, is ready to grow, requiring no cold period; all the others will bloom more reliably if allowed to start in a cool place.

For a full appearance, group five to eight bulbs in a container 6" in diameter. Plant in pebbles or marbles, keeping bulbs above the waterline, or plant in soil for longer-lasting flowers. Allow to root in a cool (45–60°) dry dark place, for about 3 weeks, checking water level often. Some plantings may need staking to support heavy flower heads.

Research from Cornell shows that adding water with 5% alcohol after the shoots are 1–2" tall stunts their growth slightly, enough to prevent top-heavy tippiness, but not stunt their flowering. See their blog post or download the pdf for more info.

Many people stagger their planting times to prolong the season. If you don’t plant the bulbs right away, store them in a cool dry dark place—but don’t lose track of them or you may find them growing in their bags!

The longer you store paperwhite bulbs, the more quickly they bloom. October plantings usually bloom in 4–6 weeks; February plantings may take as little as 2–3 weeks.

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