Winter Aconite Eranthis


Winter Aconite Eranthis

Eranthis cilicica Bright buttercup-yellow flowers in very early spring, each with a frilly green collar which opens bronzy. Very similar to Eranthis hyemalis but just slightly earlier, and the leaves are less deeply dissected. Good naturalized under deciduous trees and shrubs; can spread by seed.

Prefers slightly alkaline, humusy moist soil in sun or dappled shade. Tolerant of frosts and late snow. Soak corms in tepid water for 8-12 hours before planting.

2–4" tall. Very Early Spring blooms, Z5-7, 4cm/up bulbs.

6610 Winter Aconite
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Novelties and Specialties

The Royal General Bulbgrowers Association in Holland (Koninklijke Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollencultuur, or KAVB) puts this large group of diverse flowers into a boring catch-all category: Miscellaneous Bulbs. The expensive catalogs call them specialty or accent bulbs; some call them minor or dwarf bulbs (even though some of the fritillaries are huge!); Louise Beebe Wilder covered most of them in her 1936 classic Adventures with Hardy Bulbs. Whatever you call them, most are uncommonly sweet, delicate, colorful, and completely welcome in spring.

Descriptions and Codes

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