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Bearded Iris

‘Alliteration’Ordering closed for the season
6117 Iris x germanica Bright lemon-yellow self with slight hints of peachiness in the background. Outstanding orange-gold beard. Fragrant and sunny;... read more
‘Batik’Ordering closed for the season
6118 Iris x germanica Standards and falls rich blue-purple with distinctively “etched” or “batiked” streaks of white throughout, and a shimmering gold... read more
‘Bernice’s Legacy’
‘Bernice’s Legacy’Ordering closed for the season
6119 Iris x germanica Sumptuous velvety rich red-garnet falls really grab your eye, but almost obscure the subtle bronzy-gold beard. Antique rose... read more
‘Copper Classic’
‘Copper Classic’Ordering closed for the season
6120 Iris x germanica The color of this classic is officially called ‘Spanish orange’ which is somewhere between orange and rust. Standards are coppery... read more
‘Ghost Train’
‘Ghost Train’Ordering closed for the season
6121 Iris x germanica Rich dark reddish purple-black self, falls darker than standards. Even the beard is a violet purple-black. In the shade or on an... read more
‘Ice and Indigo’
Bearded Iris
‘Ice and Indigo’Ordering closed for the season
6116 Iris x germanica Miniature iris is icy cool with indigo markings. Standards white to gleaming icy blue. On the falls, the indigo stretches from... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Immortality’Ordering closed for the season
6122 Iris x germanica Pure white standards and falls; a pale yellow blush peeks out of shadow areas. Fragrant rebloomer with its frothy white beard... read more
‘Pink Attraction’
Bearded Iris
‘Pink Attraction’Ordering closed for the season
6123 Iris x germanica Excellent pale pink, nearly identical to ‘Beverly Sills’. Coral-pink standards, and light pink to white falls with a tangerine... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Sorbonne’Ordering closed for the season
6124 Iris x germanica Dark reddish-purple ruffled standards. Edges of falls are similar to standards, but there the similarity ends. Centers of falls... read more
Bearded Iris
The Cool MixOrdering closed for the season
6126 Iris x germanica Showy bearded iris in cool colors of blues, whites, purples and a shot of black. Some with swirling colors, some with two colors,... read more
Bearded Iris
The Warm MixOrdering closed for the season
6125 Iris x germanica A warm mix of colors, including pink, yellow, white, orange, apricot, and a hint of maroon. Bicolors and selfs.

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