Walking Onions

Walking Onions OG

Allium x proliferum Also called Top-setting Onions, Tree Onions or Egyptian Walking Onions. With a number of harvest options, these make an excellent addition to any permaculture garden. Edible topset bulbils form in place of flowers; individual bulbils range ¼–½" in diameter and form a clump 2–2½" across.

In spring, harvest young bulbs and greens to use like scallions. In summer, snip off bulbils, or dig bulbs (⅜–1" across) to use like onions or garlic.

If you leave them on the plant until their weight bends the stalk to the ground, the bulbils plant themselves, “walking” to the next planting spot. Or, save bulbils in a cool, dark and airy place and plant them either just before the ground freezes or the following spring.

Plant bulbils 1–2" deep, 4–6" apart in rows 10–12" apart in well-prepared soil. Depending on your harvest style, by the second summer after initial planting, they can become perennial and self sowing. Approximately 5 large bulbils per ounce, 70–90 bulbils per pound. Z3-8. 18–24". Iowa DALS-certified organic. BACK!

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