‘Mandela’ Jumbo Amaryllis


‘Mandela’ Jumbo Amaryllis

Hippeastrum Richly saturated deep red flower, almost maroon, with a velvety near-black center. Bold and sultry blooms highlighted by yellow-green stamens and anthers.

Jumbo bulbs produce 2 or more flower stalks, each bearing 3–4 large graceful 6–8" blooms per stalk.

20–25" tall. Z9-10. 36-38cm bulbs from Peru.

Ships in late October only. Not available for pickup.

6913 ‘Mandela’
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Originally from Central and South America, amaryllis grow outdoors in Zones 9–10. In frostier climes we plant these magnificent easy-to-grow hybrid marvels indoors and enjoy blooms during the winter.

Many people stagger their planting times to prolong the season (tip: bulbs from Peru tend to bloom earlier than those from Holland).

If you don’t plant the bulbs right away, store them in a cool dry dark place. Amaryllis bulbs generally produce two or more flower stalks, each bearing 3-4 blooms. Remove the pollen-bearing anthers for a longer bloom time and a neater tabletop. With simple care and proper soil nutrients, amaryllis can return year after year.

Amaryllis often don’t arrive here until mid-October; your entire order may be held until their arrival.

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