‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony - Organic


‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony - Organic

Paeonia lactiflora Among the hotter pink peonies. Our grower describes this fully double variety’s color as bubblegum. Though bubblegum might turn you off, the flowers, nestled among and above its vibrant forest-green foliage, provide a fetching color contrast.

28–30" tall. Late Spring to Early Summer blooms, Z3-8, U.S.-grown roots with 3-5 eyes. Maine Grown. Certified Organic.

6314 ‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony - Organic
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Plant 2–3' apart with eyes no more than 1–1½" below the surface in deep, fertile, moist but well-drained soil, full sun to partial shade. These reliable, long-lived hardy herbaceous perennials may take 3–5 years to establish before blooming, and resent being disturbed during that time.

Maroonish-red to forest green shoots appear in mid-spring, and form a bushy clump, about 3x3', of lustrous dark green deeply lobed foliage.

Fat spherical buds on sturdy stems above the foliage gradually open from late spring to early summer. Huge flowers are stunning on the bush and wonderful when cut.

Ants on peony buds are normal, so leave them alone; if you’re trying to bring cuts indoors, dunk them in a bucket of water to rinse off the ants.

The Paeonia lactiflora species, a medicinal in China, is native from Tibet to Siberia.

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