‘Earth Angel’ Hosta


‘Earth Angel’ Hosta

Hosta Forms an impressive clump of giant blue-green leaves with wide creamy white margins and deep ribs. Rounded heart-shaped leaves up to 16" long and 12" wide. 2009’s Hosta of the Year is a sport of ‘Blue Angel’. Lavender flowers on scapes to 40".

Plants mature to 30" tall and 40" wide. Z3-8. 2-3 eyes.

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Plant 2–4' apart in rich soil with adequate humus. Disturb clumps as little as possible; they improve with age as they spread and establish.

Hostas are harvested in Japan as a “mountain vegetable” or sansai. Like fiddleheads, the young shoots are boiled or braised. The larger leaves can be used as a substitute for spinach in spanokopita, for example, or for grape leaves as wrappers for dolmas.

Hostas tolerate a wide range of soil conditions but need moisture. Blue and variegated leaves develop their best color in shade. Deep shade gives fewer flowers. Cut flower scapes after blooms fade to encourage plant growth.

Valuable and cherished low-maintenance plant provides shade-loving groundcover from spring to frost. Bold foliage forming orderly mounds bears midsummer sprays of fragrant bell-shaped flowers on tall stalks. With their varying colors, textures and clump sizes, hostas alone under trees can make a woodland garden.

Note: Our hosta have been dug “green” and the grower leaves 2-3" of foliage attached to protect the crown during shipping. It may give the appearance of a soft crown. This is the same as what the plant would do naturally when senescing in the fall.

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