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Low-growing Alliums

‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onion
Low-growing Allium
‘Cameleon’ Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6405 Allium oreophilum Bright rosy-pink florets change to white with rose midribs over time. Many show both colors at once, giving an overall pale pink... read more
Low-growing Allium
Sparkler MixOrdering closed for the season
6402 Allium cernuum Buds burst open to reveal brightly colored florets in nodding clusters like waterfall-style fireworks. The dark rose-pink, golden... read more


Jumbo Amaryllis

Jumbo Amaryllis
‘Bolero’Ordering closed for the season
6903 Hippeastrum Bright deep rosy pink, almost a hot pink. Backs of petals show a lighter pink with creamy highlights. 20–24" tall. 36–38cm bulbs from... read more
‘Lemon Star’
Jumbo Amaryllis
‘Lemon Star’Ordering closed for the season
6905 Hippeastrum Pale cream 4–4½" petals are touched with pale green, surrounding a lime-green throat. More like soft electric green than lemon, but a... read more
Jumbo Amaryllis
‘Minerva’Ordering closed for the season
6906 Hippeastrum Large bright red flowers with a brilliant white six-pointed star emanating from the pale green throat. White striations between star... read more
Jumbo Amaryllis
‘Olaf’Ordering closed for the season
6921 Hippeastrum Big, bold and bright. The classic red amaryllis.

Jumbo bulbs produce 2 or more flower stalks, each bearing 3-4 large graceful 6-8"

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Hardneck Rocambole Garlic

Italian Easy Peel
Italian Easy Peel ECO Ordering closed for the season
6237 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon The name says it all—originally from northern Italy, with 6–9 easy-peeling cloves. Strong rich flavor, with... read more


Bearded Iris

‘Alliteration’Ordering closed for the season
6117 Iris x germanica Bright lemon-yellow self with slight hints of peachiness in the background. Outstanding orange-gold beard. Fragrant and sunny;... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Sorbonne’Ordering closed for the season
6124 Iris x germanica Dark reddish-purple ruffled standards. Edges of falls are similar to standards, but there the similarity ends. Centers of falls... read more

Miscellaneous Bulbs


Glory-of-the-Snow mixOrdering closed for the season
6609 Chionodoxa A mix of these long-lived snow- and critter-resistant stars, in shades of blue, violet, pink and white. NEW! read more



Paperwhite Kit
Paperwhite KitOrdering closed for the season
6259 Narcissus tazetta Decorative boxed kit includes three ‘Ziva’ paperwhite bulbs, a 5"-round, 3"-tall white ceramic bowl imprinted with a classic... read more

Tall Narcissus

‘Congress’ Split-Cup
Tall Narcissus
‘Congress’ Split-CupOrdering closed for the season
6539 A broad orange flattened split cup fronts overlapping rounded bright yellow petals with a hint of green in them. This Split Cup variety opens with... read more

Perennial Plants


Virginia Bluebells
Virginia BluebellsOrdering closed for the season
6314 Mertensia pulmonarioides Clusters of nodding bell-shaped flowers held above veined oval leaves. Pink buds open to sky-blue or purple-blue flowers... read more


‘Autumn Red’
‘Autumn Red’Ordering closed for the season
6108 Hemerocallis Dark mahogany-red 4–5" narrowish flowers, almost like a spider type, with a glistening yellow throat and striking slender... read more

Feather Flower

Feather Flower
Feather FlowerOrdering closed for the season
6302 Astilbe Arendsii group Long-lasting plumes of flamboyant feathery flowers light up the shadier parts of the perennial border. Excellent as a dried... read more


‘Beth Evans’
‘Beth Evans’Ordering closed for the season
6303 Corydalis solida Pinkish-mauve with streaks of lighter color along the lower portion and mouth of each flower, darker pink at the upward-angled... read more
‘Purple Bird’
‘Purple Bird’Ordering closed for the season
6304 Corydalis solida Purple to violet luscious clusters with lighter color at the flower opening; darker towards the back.


... read more


‘August Moon’
‘August Moon’Ordering closed for the season
6307 Hosta Large rounded golden puckering leaves, 16–20" tall, stay attractive all summer even when planted in the sun; or let it light up the shade... read more
‘Blue Angel’
‘Blue Angel’Ordering closed for the season
6308 Hosta Very large oval blue-green leaves, up to 12" wide and 16" long! Pale lavender to white flowers on scapes to 48" bloom midsummer. Foliage... read more
‘Earth Angel’
‘Earth Angel’Ordering closed for the season
6309 Hosta Forms an impressive clump of giant blue-green pointed leaves with wide creamy white margins and deep ribs. 2009’s Hosta of the Year is a... read more


‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony
‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony OG Ordering closed for the season
6315 Paeonia lactiflora Among the hotter pink peonies. Our grower describes this fully double variety as bubblegum in color. Much as bubblegum might... read more


Great White Trillium
Great White TrilliumOrdering closed for the season
6323 Trillium grandiflorum Also known as Wood Lily. Large (to 3" across) pure white flowers are perched above the leaf whorl. Appalachian native,... read more
Yellow Trillium
Yellow TrilliumOrdering closed for the season
6324 Trillium luteum Three tiny 1½–2" upright lemon-yellow flower petals sit atop green sessile leaves mottled with silver. Native to areas around the... read more


Late Tulips

‘Big Smile’ Single Late
Late Tulip
‘Big Smile’ Single LateOrdering closed for the season
6821 Large bright lemon-yellow flowers with soft creamy-yellow edges. Long stems stand tall in the garden and vase.

20–24", LS, Z3-7, 12cm/up. Div5.

... read more

Mid-season Tulips

‘Cape Town’
Mid-season Tulip
‘Cape Town’Ordering closed for the season
6806 Alluring lemon-yellow petals with brushed red edges which start fine and broaden with time. Rounded tops sometimes have wavy edges.

15–17", Z3-7,

... read more
Mid-season Tulip
‘Cassini’Ordering closed for the season
6807 Lightly fragrant deep crimson-red goblet-shaped flowers. Long-lasting in garden or vase.

16–20", Z3-7, 12cm/up. Div3. NEW!

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‘Hella Lights’ Darwin Hybrid
Mid-season Tulip
‘Hella Lights’ Darwin HybridOrdering closed for the season
6871 Big lemon-yellow flowers Pair it with ‘Oxford’ for a quintessential tulip combination.

Darwin Hybrids are often sold as “Perennial Tulips” because

... read more
Mid-season Tulip
‘Helmar’Ordering closed for the season
6809 Bold ruby-red flames on golden-yellow petals, both inside and out. A striking show in mid spring.

16–18", Z3-7, 12cm/up. Div3. NEW!

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Species Tulips

Species Tulip
‘Van Tubergen’s Variety’Ordering closed for the season
6706 Tulipa praestans Like its cousin ‘Fusilier’, a brilliant scarlet-orange, with 2–3 flowers on each stem, and possibly several flowerstalks per... read more
Tubergen’s Gem
Species Tulip
Tubergen’s GemOrdering closed for the season
6703 Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha Rich golden yellow inside and out, accented with a large soft rose-crimson blush on the outer petals. Pointed... read more

Tulip Mixes

Tulip Mix
Burgundy GoldOrdering closed for the season
6855 Lemon yellow and burnished gold with sultry maroon, burgundy and deep wine red; solids and fascinating bicolors with flames or edges in the same... read more